How about you get to know me?

Here are 20 random answers to 20 random questions

Favorite food?

Burritos, hands down. I’d say I average at least 3 burritos (or burrito derivatives) per week. And here’s a freebie – the tortilla was the greatest human invention ever.

Current musical obsession?

I’m on a pretty strong Arctic Monkeys kick right now. But I listen to their Pandora station because I refuse to do the Spotify thing.

Favorite color?

Green. Like pine trees and Ireland. It’s a wonderful color.

Favorite travel experience?

Hard to choose, but I’d have to say playing golf throughout Ireland and Scotland for my dad’s 50th birthday. Got to play St. Andrews Old Course which was such an incredible experience.

Farthest distance run at once?

50 miles. Twice. The first was a 50 mile race, the second was a 100k that I dropped out of at mile 50. Still need to tick that 100k box…

Favorite drink?

Arnold. Friggin’. Palmer. It’s sheer perfection. The tartness of lemonade with the bitterness of iced tea to cut the sweetness. It’s magical.

Zodiac sign?

Aries. But I exhibit essentially zero characteristics of an Aries…

Guilty pleasure?

Lately, it’s been binging Bob Ross episodes on Netflix. He just makes me happy.

Favorite activity?

Besides running? Sitting around a table of good friends eating good food and laughing until our Arnold Palmers come out of our noses.

Other’s obsessions you don’t get?

Um, kind of ashamed to say it, but Harry Potter. I just, I dunno. I guess I missed that craze somehow… (UPDATE 2021: My Fiance is a massive Harry Potter fan and I’ve since been exposed to every movie. They’re fun, good content pull up a blanket and watch on a cold day.)

Dream home?

A campervan or tiny house is super intriguing to me, but I feel like I would put a whole lot of money into one only to realize I’m super claustrophobic. I’ll say mountain cabin.

Favorite Animal?

Cliché, but dogs. I’d like to say something more exotic and interesting, but I would be lying. Because dogs are the runaway leader for the best animal on the planet.

Biggest pet peeve?

Entitlement. I really have a hard time when people act entitled. (UPDATE 9/2021: Greed is becoming increasingly aggravating)

Proudest moment?

It was a long time ago, but when we won our first cross-country State Championship in high school. I was really most proud of all the work we had done to get there and achieve our goal.

Favorite movie?

Oof. This is going to be embarrassing to admit, but Billy Madison. I know, it’s dumb and ridiculous and immature, but I still laugh at the same jokes as I did when it came out.

Most famous person met?

Nick Offerman. Growing up in LA, I would see stars all over and I never thought much about it, but I was super star-struck when I met Nick. He’s rad.

Favorite team?

LA Kings. Been a Kings fan since ’90, just after the Gretzky trade. Had some rough years in the 2000s, had a great stretch with two cups, now we’re circling the drain. Oh well, such is sports. (UPDATE 9/2021: don’t sleep on the ’21-’22 Kings. Playoff contenders.)

Favorite kid’s show?

Gonna go with Ducktales, but that whole after-school Disney line-up was fantastic.

Weird fact?

I’m the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Champion for the Imperial Moustache category. Seriously. Look it up.

What do you wish you had?

A job offer!

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